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TOOTS For Refocusing My Energies

To start off my new venture of self-help and personal discovery I dusted off some of my old issues of “Positive Thinking” magazine*. The first one I opened for inspiration was the Jan/Feb 2008 issue which had a number of articles regarding the process of New Year’s Resolutions.

By page 9, I was hit with “Did you know that setting goals January 1 may keep you on track the whole year? The Journal of Clinical Psychology reports that people who make resolutions are 10 times more likely to attain goals than non-resolvers – even those with idrntical goals and comparable mtivation to change.”

It was then that I realized that I hadn’t made any resolutions since before B was born. Obviously it was time to dust off my old “goals” and see how many I had completed and which were still relevant today.

So to boil it down…there were far too many goals, whims, and projects on my previous resolutions list. So I decided to take what was still relevant and boil it down to something workable:

New Year’s Resolutions 2009

  1. Finish my new website and launch it to the community (#16 Go World Wide)
  2. Finish 1 chapter a month towards my book (#13 Be An Author) – NaNoWriMo in November should help
  3. Finish non-profit association’s legal documents and work on membership, fundraising, and community outreach (#6 Speak Up, #22 Get Your Way, #30 Party On!, #59 Give A Little Bit)
  4. Walk daily and exercise 3x/week (#31 Exercise Your Options)
  5. Get rid of more stuff in storage and declutter my crap (#51 Organize It) – FlyLady should help

As you’ll notice each number following the item is a key to the You Can Do It badge numbers which give me milestones and direction in my choices. That book is one that truly changed my life and will help me in my effort to refocus my energies.

*Thanks to Vivien for the years of subscription and to Karen Beth for helping me fill in my collection of “Positive Thinking” magazine. Dear blog readers – if you happen to have any old copies or can wrestle them up, I’d love to take them off your hands…contact me!!!


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